Offre Media: Andrew Casale (Index Exchange) : «Le header bidding permet de garantir une totale transparence pour les éditeurs»

Créée en 2001 sous le nom initial de Casale Media, Index Exchange est une plateforme ad tech canadienne qui a popularisé le header bidding, cette nouvelle technologie qui permet la mise en concurrence de plusieurs SSP (supply side platform). Basée à Toronto, Index Exchange est également présente à New York et à Londres, et s’apprête ...continue reading

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Beet.TV: Index Exchange’s Casale On The Benefits Of Supply Side Focus, Infrastructure And Partnerships

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – On the heels of his company’s expanded partnership with AppNexus, Index Exchange President & CEO Andrew Casale reflects on the benefits of focusing exclusively on supply side clients, becoming “an infrastructure” company and fostering adtech partnerships. Until three years ago, Index Exchange was known as Casale Media, an early proponent of programmatic ...continue reading


MarTech Insights: AppNexus and Index Exchange Converge on Server-Side Header Bidding Delivery Solutions

Ad publishers envisaging server-side header bidding can now tap into simpler and more ROI-centric delivery platforms. AppNexus, the global ad tech innovation company, has announced a strategic partnership with premier advertisement marketplace Index Exchange. Then two ad tech behemoths will collaborate on server-to-server header bidding delivery solutions. Ad publishers using AppNexus platform can tag alongside ...continue reading


Huffington Post: (VIDEO) Header Bidding Moves To Server In AppNexus, Index Exchange Partnership

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, FL  — An expanded partnership between programmatic ad-tech firm AppNexus and exchange Index Exchange is one of the moves already changing the nature of ad trading’s so-called “header bidding” technique. The pair announced they have worked to produce tight technical integrations for server-to-server header bidding. “Header bidding“ is a technique that has only recently grown up, in which publishers place ...continue reading


AdExchanger: AppNexus And Index Exchange Launch Server-Side Header Bidding With Mutual Support

Publishers contemplating a switch to server-side header biddingnow have two more options. They can use AppNexus’ Prebid server-side wrapper, which will tap into Index Exchange’s demand. Or they can put Index Exchange’s wrapper on their page, which will make a server-side call out to AppNexus.“We are giving publishers choice, and a flexible, transparent solution,” said Tom Shields, ...continue reading